Central Station Alarm Monitoring

CMS Site Control

Commercial Monitoring

We provide top-tier commercial and industrial monitoring services to help your customers better manage their security risks. We go Beyond the Call with leading technology innovators such as AT&T®, Avaya®, UTC and Verizon® and our specially trained commercial/industrial operators.

Security Monitoring

Our people are the best. We say that with a high degree of confidence because after thorough background checks, each new CMS employee receives intensive training and certification. Our staff provides speed, accuracy and dependability. Each employee receives continuous mentoring throughout their career to ensure they stay current with training and will deliver exceptional customer service.

We provide Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Supervised open/close

Communicator tests

Environmental monitoring:

temperature, power,

water and gas level alerts

Life Fire Monitoring

CMS Command

Fire Monitoring offers dispatch upon receipt of a fire alarm signal and customizable notification on troubles, supervisory and missed timer tests. Signals are received in our UL Listed central stations equipped with receivers and equipment meeting UL standards. We strictly follow NFPA 72 Guidelines for fire accounts ensuring best practices are followed. Specially trained UL certified operators and dealer support representatives handle UL Fire accounts and comply with the local AHJ.

Remote Video Monitoring Central Station Alarm Monitoring

CMS Track Centers

Burglary Verification

We provide verification images*: When a customer’s burglary panel trips and triggers the recording of video to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), CMS operators can look in to see what’s happening at the premises, allowing us to verify alarms and reduce false dispatches.

Interactive Services

CMS Phone

With the increase of smartphones and apps, your customers are looking for ways to simplify their day-to-day tasks and using their phones for much more than phone calls.

We offer Honeywell®’s AlarmNet® and Total Connect®, Alarm.com services, DSC’s C24 Interactive and Telguard® Interactive—and now, SiteControl.

SiteControl is the only central station-integrated home and business control solution. It’s easy to install and easy to activate!

SiteControl offers: Central Station Alarm Monitoring

Easy Setup
Turnkey Interactive Services
Full Integration With Central Station
More Value for Your Business