Security Systems

Concord 4 Security Systems

Various security system items

Concord 4 Security SystemsConcord 4 provides commercial environments with full-featured security.

Concord 4 offers 96 hard-wired zones, wireless zones or combination of both.

Convenient features such as a wireless keychain touchpad to arm or disarm the system, optional lighting controls and a special latchkey function that pages when a worker arrives at an office.

Security system control panels

The wireless GSM gateway module allows you to monitor Concord 4 Security Systems and office building status from the web site.

  • Notice of security events can be sent to you via pager; notice via cell phone and email is available for Concord 4 through services
  • Motion sensors provide a second line of defense, detecting the body heat of an intruder. Sensors can be adjusted to allow pets to move freely without activating an alarm
  • Door and window sensors can protect every access point to your home, including shock sensors that detect shattering glass and splintered wood. Recessed sensors are completely hidden and ideal for entries and living rooms
  • Simple keychain operation allows you to arm/disarm the system with the touch of a button, no codes required
  • Portable panic buttons make it easy to attract help in an emergencyConcord 4 Security Systems
  • Smoke and heat detectors are monitored and remain active 24-hours a day
  • Environmental sensors warn you of furnace failure or if a basement is flooded
  • Carbon monoxide detectors alert when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas are present

Security system keys and sensors

Concord security systems for business monitor your place of business 24 hours a day, providing you with immediate notification of a security threat. When a sensor detects an emergency, the signal automatically goes to a central monitoring station and proper authorities are immediately dispatched to your offices.


96 standard Zone Capability
Smoke detector compatibility
Chime when door is opened
Wireless remote keychain arming/disarming
Integration to third party automation systems
Compliant with CP01 false alarm reduction standards
GSM cellular communications (no phone line necessary)
Latch key reporting