Property Security Survey

If you are interested in learning more about how to evaluate the security risks your residence or business may be exposed to, we have provided an on-line questionnaire to help you understand the factors that should be considered. The factors may vary a little depending on whether your site is a residence or a commercial building, but we have provided a common survey since this will give you a great starting point to evaluate your needs in either case.

To determine your security needs, define your areas of vulnerability, consider your organization’s culture and routines if you want to get the big security picture. Are individuals ever in the office or home alone? Do some persons need access to areas where others are unauthorized to enter? Do individuals work after hours? Take our Security site survey to determine your current needs.

Once you have completed the review, you can also send it to our experts for review and further consultation – if that is of interest.

We are here to help you understand security risks and access control issues so you can to protect your property.