The modern era has brought a lot of changes to various aspects of our daily life. With the advancement of technology, things can be done in an instant. You can call your loved ones abroad with just a flip of a finger. In just a blink of an eye, everything we owned had gone forever. Only to name a few reasons why security has always been our top priority. May it be to our homes or to any other establishments, who would not want to feel safe and secure? And so, AA Security & Monitoring has got nothing but the best security systems provider for you! Our mission is to give our customers quality products at a budget-friendly price. We do in-depth research on our security and access control systems. We aim to provide reliable information that they need whenever making a wise buy by testing the product ourselves. We have done comprehensive analysis and test trials to ensure the quality of our security cameras. With that said, we are confident that we will attain the highest customer satisfaction, which, at the very beginning, is our ultimate goal.



Video has been a part of our everyday living, especially now that almost everything is digital. Its innumerable uses have helped a lot of people may it be for their daily living or business. However, the features of the camera differ from how you want to use it. Openeye and Dahua cameras are to the rescue!

Dahua offers three series of advanced and optimized video surveillance technology: ultra series, pro series, and lite series. All of which are equally high-class, reliable, and exceptional. Ultra series offers an ultra-high resolution that allows capturing even the smallest detail of an object. A perfect fit for advanced security applications for medium and large businesses. On the other hand, the pro series is entirely made up of parts that have greater mainstream appeal but still economically friendly. Last but never least is the Lite series. This is specifically designed for small to medium applications.

These products are perfect for basic surveillance needs and uncomplicated scenes. Whatever it is that you are looking for in a surveillance video, Dahua won't disappoint you. The same goes with Openeye, which is a leading brand of high-quality solutions camera. It innovates the design and development and cloud-centric software solutions for video management, loss prevention, and business intelligence. The list never stops because we still have Ring cameras. With a Ring camera, you will feel more secure. Aside from video doorbells, Ring also makes smart cameras designed for outdoor use to monitor outside activities. Video camera at its finest!

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